The 2nd year house search

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“Where are you living next year?” “Who are you living with next year?” These questions are inevitable and seem like they pop up 2 seconds after you have moved in to your first year flat – but there is no need to worry…

Rushing into finding a second-year house can cause stress for students however, there is plenty of advice to make this move stress free. The thought of finding somewhere to live can be daunting or overwhelming when you’re new to a city, making new friends and navigating a university course but the most important thing is patience.

There is no one right way of finding accommodation for your second year and everyone’s experiences are different. The people you meet in your first week of university might go on be lifelong friends and they might not. It can be tempting to agree to live with a group of new friends and make that decision early on and for some people, this works out great. You can secure the house quickly and then forget about it for the rest of the year whilst building the newfound friendship. However, this doesn’t always work out and sometimes can be a rushed decision and the more you get to know someone and the more they get to know you, friendships can change. This is where patience can be important and always make the decision for YOU.

On the other hand, the majority of students wait until perhaps nearer Christmas or even after to start forming a group of housemates.

Whilst there is more pressure if there are less properties out there, accommodation will always be available. This is another important point to remember – you will be able to find somewhere.

It is competitive but planning and quick action can make the process even smoother.

Take a look at the independent student websites for guides to finding the best undergraduate accommodation and things to watch out for. UCAS has some excellent articles and guides.  

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Flexibility is key

The perfect house might be out there which would be ideal for everyone however, sometimes flexibility can be important.

Speak about what is important to your group or you as an individual if you’re looking for a spare room, is it location? Is it price? Is it the number of bedrooms in a property? This can help narrow down the search but also help to decide if any compromises can be/might have to be made.

Once decided, being organised with viewings and acting with some speed (again it doesn’t need to be rushed) can really help to find that property which will create many memories to come. This is where the team at Metro Student Accommodation can help. Give us a call on 01189 401 888 to discuss your requirements. We can give you the best advice and set you on a path to getting the best house / flat or maisonette for you and your ideal house mates. 

Alternatively, browse our student properties to rent and see which ones suit you best in the university town that you are in.  We have excellent accommodation in Bristol, Bath, Swansea, Preston and Plymouth.  

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