The Fresher Rulebook

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The Fresher rulebook for student accommodation

Having been denied of most Freshers activities last year, there are plenty of excuses to extend Fresher’s week into Fresher’s month or two, this year.

Whether you are in your first year or a seasoned pro third year, this time can be fun, tiring, maybe overwhelming and normally a combination of all of these. As the dust settles after the chaotic first few weeks at university, it is the perfect time to head out, meet lots of new people and try a new hobby/sport.

Here a few things to consider and/or try during the first semester.

Student flu and how to cope

The Freshers Flu

Yes, Fresher’s flu is real and not just an excuse for being a bit tired when your parents call to see how you’re getting on a week in.

After multiple nights out in a row, not much sleep and a lack of proper nutrition, it creates a recipe for feeling under the weather.

As you’re mixing with lots of different groups of people, perhaps drinking more alcohol than usual and eating last nights takeaway for breakfast, Fresher’s flu becomes inevitable for most. This makes it even more important to give yourself as much rest as possible (a good excuse for a long lay in) and keep yourself hydrated by drinking a swimming pool worth of water. One additional tip would be to bring some home cooked food when you move in and stick them in the freezer. You will thank your organised previous self when you really need to eat a proper meal but can’t really be bothered to cook from scratch.

Guide to Freshers events

Event tickets – what do I need to buy?

As you may have noticed, there are lots of “Official Freshers Events” and lots of promoters on social media trying to get you to buy a ticket for a “not to be missed” event. This doesn’t just apply to Fresher’s week and will continue throughout your time at university.

There are of course plenty of bars and clubs where you can just turn up on the evening and pay an entry free on the door like you probably did back in your hometown. However, for a lot of student events, it is necessary to plan in advance and have a ticket to avoid even longer queues and potentially being turned away. Unfortunately, this makes scammers prevalent so do consider the legitimacy of any event you are planning to spend your student load on.

Some signs to watch out for are:

  • Is it a venue you are familiar with and are they themselves advertising the event?
  • Does the event have much of a following on social media and/or respond to any queries on their page or to you?
  • What does the payment page look like?

The majority of tickets and events will absolutely be legitimate but stay alert for those where something just doesn’t look quite right.

Joining a student club

Clubs and Societies

You might be someone who has played a sport all their lives or someone who knows that there is something they want to start as soon as they get to university, however, we are not all like that.

As the first few weeks at university ends and you start to feel like you’re setting in, it might now be the time to join a sports club or society.

Your university’s website should show you the extensive range of activities you could get yourself involved in with many offering trials and taster sessions to see if it were something you would like to do.

Whether you are a complete beginner or basically a pro, there will be something for you and it is a great way to meet like-minded people away from your course and flat mates.

These are just a few tips and considerations for navigating your first semester at university but remember it takes everyone different amounts of time to settle in, find their feet and make new friends so take everything at your own pace.

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